It’s all to help you prep for the week and learn to spot the right stocks for your strategy. This partnership will connect PrestaShop’s merchants with Wish’s consumers, opening a new door for revenue. With so many “smart” devices these days, there are more opportunities for data breaches. Today’s Blackberry probably isn’t the one you’re thinking of (if you’ve even been around long enough to remember its old PDA days). There’s at least something fundamental about this one with the reopening wave.

  • One way that the company may look to address this is by opening up the Clover Assistant to fee-for-service Medicare patients.
  • The footwear and apparel sectors have been under pressure this year as consumers shift their spending from goods to services.
  • It posted net income of about 187 million euros in fiscal 2022 and saw margins of about 60%.
  • What matters is that the committed AMC army has seen the stock post a 1,000% gain in 2021.

Why aren’t some other popular meme stocks, such as AMC Entertainment (AMC) or Virgin Galactic (SPCE), on the list? Though it’s still up a huge amount, AMC was well below the $12 threshold at the start of 2021. SPCE stock soared early in the year and the summer, but ultimately finished well below its 2021 starting price. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. However, simply writing off all meme stocks as too risky can be a mistake. For the right person, investing in the right meme stock for the right reasons can make a lot of sense.

For this list, we’re specifically looking at what users of the WallStreetBets subreddit are discussing. The subreddit is one of the most influential when it comes to meme stocks, which makes it the perfect candidate to use for this list. In this article, we will be taking a look at the 11 best meme stocks to buy now. To skip our detailed analysis of these stocks and their past performance, you can go directly to see the 5 Best Meme Stocks to Buy Now.

Bain Capital Specialty Finance, Inc. (NYSE:BCSF)

Here’s a quick rundown of why I’m such a fan of each as a long-term stock to invest in. Now let’s get to my list of the 10 best stocks to buy and hold for the long term — from smallest market cap to largest — followed by the summarized buy thesis for each. Should seek the advice of a qualified securities professional before making any investment,and investigate and fully understand any and all risks before investing.

  • On the date of publication, Chris Markoch did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.
  • However, it’s fair to question how much revenue the company can generate from this model.
  • Many of those same investors also know this short squeeze was coordinated on Reddit.
  • Yet what really stands out is its muted average daily volume of 1.36 million shares.
  • Equally worrisome, the company’s current liabilities ($279.2 million) are well over double its current assets ($111.4 million).

The company has increased its payout for more than 100 consecutive quarters, and there’s no reason to think this pattern will end anytime soon. Because of its platform and brand strength, Etsy’s market opportunity is in the hundreds of billions — if not trillions — of dollars. With about $13 billion in sales on its platform in 2022, it has just started to scratch the surface. And with the stock falling significantly in the recent growth stock downturn, now could be a great time for patient long-term investors to take a closer look. As the pandemic and its accompanying e-commerce surge have cooled off, so has Etsy’s momentum.

Best Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2023

Let’s now take a look at the 11 best meme stocks to buy now. However, I wouldn’t see this as a warning that after a strong year stock performance-wise, more muted gains lie ahead. Continued 5G success, plus a possible end to the chip shortage, are just two factors that could help propel the stock, reasonably priced at 15.1x earnings, to much higher levels in the coming year. Given its cyclical nature, equiti forex broker chances are CLF stock will continue to sport a single-digit price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. Even so, as a move from a 3.5x to 7x would still result in a 100% gain for shares, the risk/reward proposition with this situation looks tilted in your favor. A financial services firm with a crypto focus, Bakkt Holdings went public in October, via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger.

The Motley Fool reaches millions of people every month through our premium investing solutions, free guidance and market analysis on, top-rated podcasts, and non-profit The Motley Fool Foundation. Primarily due to the pandemic recovery, but the meme stocks trend did play a minor role in its strong performance. Yet while it’s delivered an outsized return this year, “old school” iron ore and steel player Cleveland-Cliffs continues to trade as if its earnings are about to fall off a cliff (pun intended).

During the first quarter, the company’s net interest expenses on corporate borrowings more than doubled from the year-ago quarter. Whereas GameStop attracted retail investors due to its high short interest, Takung was valued more for its low float. When less shares are available to be traded, it can make it easier, with ample liquidity and interest, for traders to wildly push a company’s share price up or down.

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Brokerages like Robinhood helped level the playing field with apps and ‘easier’ access. Robinhood traders can buy with just a few clicks on their smartphones and use partial positions to buy chunks of stocks. The company’s been in and out of the black since 2012 when its smartphone business peaked and it began to morph into the software organization we know today.

Top Meme Stocks of 2021: GameStop (GME)

It would take almost six full days for short-sellers to cover their positions, based on this three-month volume data. I was just wondering if anyone has compiled a total list of meme stocks; stocks that we know as being in the basket of future swaps or whatever shenanigans causes these stocks to move in tandem. There are stocks that MSM throw in as MEME stocks and these aren’t in the list. I mean stocks that have seen movement in the January runup as well in the subsequent runups.

Top Meme Stocks of 2021: BlackBerry (BB)

Thus, it would take well over five days for short-sellers to completely exit their positions. Similar to Blink, there are two reasons it’d make a perfect meme stock. First of all, retail traders are big fans of left-for-dead brokerage firm reviews – everfx turnaround stocks in the wake of the pandemic. There were serious concerns last year that Dave & Buster’s might not survive. But more than a year after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, things look to be perking up.

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But the energy stock rally wasn’t confined to just fossil fuels. Two alternate energy companies, Green Plains (GPRE) and Centrus Energy (LEU), also surged. Moderna, also more than 40% off its peak, delivered a 143.1% gain in 2021. The FDA has granted emergency use approval in adults 18-and-older-only for the biotech’s Covid-19 vaccine so far. Both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech have gotten the green light for booster shots, which appears to provide protection against the rapidly spreading omicron variant. Biotech and other medical stocks accounted for about a dozen of the year’s best.

This, coupled with success with its turnaround efforts, points to a promising future for the company. That said, don’t take this to mean all meme plays are “avoid-at-all-cost” situations. Among the scores of stocks once boosted by the trend, there are plenty that what is a lexatrade forex broker could buck the latest trend, and move higher. Bed Bath & Beyond is making some moves to close underperforming stores and introduce private-label brands. But it’s unclear how much playing defense will be able to help, which makes BBBY stock a risky option in 2022.

SAVA stock has attempted to bounce back a few times since then. But so far, it’s failed to get back to past price levels (well above $100 per share, versus around $44.75 per share today). Still, despite its rebound struggles, this high-risk, high-possible return biotech remains a story stock worth keeping an eye on.